20 Trams from Konya to Sister City Sarajevo

konya sarajevo tram
konya sarajevo tram

20 Tramways from Konya to Sister City Sarajevo: The grant protocol of 20 trams given to the Sarajevo Metropolitan Municipality within the framework of the sister city agreement of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Ahmet Sorgun, Minister of Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina Muharrem Sabic, President of Konya Metropolitan Municipality It was signed between Tahir Akyürek and Sarajevo Metropolitan Mayor Abdullah Skaka.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, within the framework of the sister city agreement to the Metropolitan Municipality of Sarajevo 20 pieces tram gave.

The ceremony and protocol of the trams, AK Party Deputy Chairman Ahmet Sorgun, Bosnia Herzegovina Transportation Minister Muharrem Sabic, Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Akyürek, Sarajevo Metropolitan Mayor Abdullah Skaka and Bosnia and Herzegovina Honorary Consul and KOSKI General Manager Ercan Uslu, Sarajevo Metropolitan Municipality was made in.


AK Party Deputy Chairman Ahmet Sorgun, Bosnia and Herzegovina for hundreds of years with national and spiritual ties, this is trying to break off one time, stating that these bonds are getting stronger every day and will continue to strengthen, he said.

Vay These trams are a bridge of heart. It is a bridge of hearts like the Mostar Bridge. For the peace of our heart, Bosnia should be in peace. If Bosnia is peaceful, the Balkans are peaceful and if the Balkans live in unity and solidarity, Europe will be peaceful. Peace and tranquility among the peoples here are very important to us. We want peace in the whole world, especially in the Middle East. Biz

Sorgun thanked Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Sarajevo Metropolitan Municipality, who showed such a beautiful brotherhood.


Tahir Akyürek, the president of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the brotherhood of Sarajevo is not only a deal and a figure, but the brotherhood of the brotherhood in its material and spiritual sense is fulfilled and that it will continue to be brought.

Underlining that Bosnia and Herzegovina has an honorary consulate in Konya and that the works have become easier through this consulate, President Akyürek said, u We have very good shares with Sarajevo and therefore Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have ties here both materially and spiritually. Our cooperation and cooperation is getting more advanced every day. We made different services and activities at different times. We want to continuously improve our activities and to increase our services. Etkinlik

We are grateful KONYA AND TURKEY

Konya delegation and the AK Party, expressed his satisfaction to see in Sarajevo, the Vice President of Bosnia and Herzegovina Transport Minister Muharrem Sabic, with Turkey, both politically and that the economically very nice relationship, said the increase day by day, these relations.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality have seen very serious support from the Minister Sabic, the start of the service of trams after the establishment of a very different with Konya said. Bosnia and Herzegovina was grateful to the people of Konya and Turkey voicing Muharram Sabic, Minister of Transport, thanked for support.

Sarajevo's services stating that it has a difficult geographic location in terms of the Sarajevo Mayor Abdullah Skakun to, it's very difficult to make a number of services at their own expense, of Turkey's assistance in this figure he said is very important.

In particular, they were forced from infrastructure services, such as the municipality of Konya in Turkey on this issue and voicing get help from the government of President Skakun, Konya Metropolitan Municipality and thanked Turkey.

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