Halkalı- 275 Million Euro for Kapıkule Railway Project

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, the European Union and Turkey (EU), said that continuing with between the talks, "some important chapters that, although in the in the transport policy was suspended for political reasons, even though we are continuing our technical work in the field of transportation." said.

Arslan met with Commissioner for Transport of the European Commission Violeta Bulc and his delegation at his office.

Delegation Armstrong expressed his satisfaction to welcome in Turkey, from May of 2012 to visit Bulc noted that his visit to the highest level since the European Commission in the field of transportation.

Armstrong, recalling that Turkey's continued membership talks with the EU, "some important chapters that, although in the in the transport policy was suspended for political reasons, even though we are continuing especially our technical work in the field of transportation." he spoke.

By this time the transport sector of Arslan underlined that Turkey's great efforts to comply with EU legislation, the 2008 National Program, transport and 9 legal under the legislation harmonization process in the field of communications, 28 said they made secondary legislation.

From this point of view, Arslan said that all of the commitments in terms of legal regulation in section 14 of the transport policy and 80 percent of the secondary legislation were realized.

covering the 2016-2019 period of study in the field of transport in the framework of sustainable Armstrong noted that the National Plan of Action, "No. 21 negotiating chapters that technical talks on Turkey-European networks in 2011. We also successfully concluded. In short, this negotiation chapter under the responsibility of our Ministry is technically ready to be closed. ” said.

  • Halkalı-Kapıkule Railway Project

Arslan, Turkey-EU financial cooperation within the framework of Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) is the first covering the period 2007-2013 period allocated to the ministry by the EU 574 million euros in grant funds 99 percent of the contracted 71 corresponding to its 410 percent He said that the million-euro payment was made.

Stating that the works on 3 major railway projects are continuing within this scope, Arslan said, “IPA 2 covers the period of 2014-2020. In the new period, we continue our project works rapidly. For this period, 442 million euro grant funds were allocated. 62 million euros, which corresponds to 275 percent of this, Halkalı- It was reserved for Kapikule Railway Project. ” he spoke.

Bulc to realize that bilateral negotiations on EU transport policy of recent developments in, compliance activities in Turkey, Arslan describing will discuss various issues for financial cooperation and sub-sectors of transport, revitalization of the scope of Turkey-EU high-level transport dialogue process, road and rail transport reciprocal field to strengthen the cooperation issues, he reported the Turkey-EU air transport negotiations and would discuss some technical issues.

Talks in Turkey-EU relations Armstrong said he believes will be favorable terms, "Turkey's EU membership process in the executive organ of the Union, I wish to continue to increase the valuable contribution and support of the European Commission." used the expression.

European Commission Transport Commissioner Violeta also Bulc, "This is the first official visit to Turkey on me. I think it started best. The new airport, bridges and railroad projects you have made impressed me a lot. ” he spoke.

  • Tea joke from Bulc

Underlining that dialogue is the most important tool to increase cooperation between the parties, Bulc said, “While we were drinking tea with the Minister today, we also realized that we both drink tea at the same speed. This reveals the potential for accelerating our relations. ” He made a joke.

On the other hand, Minister Arslan said, “I am used to drinking hot tea since I am from Kars. It is important to find the solution fast, no matter how hot the problems are, rather than having similar features. This is something we can do as engineers. ” used expressions.

Turkey-EU relations, especially in terms of transportation voicing Arslan is very important, both sides of the aisle will extend to China via Turkey also noted that the same degree of concern.

Arslan, aiming to create the corridors that complement each other, they have made significant progress in the field of transportation so far, then they will fold, he added.

After the speeches, the interview continued off to the press.

Günceleme: 17/12/2018 18:27

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