Altepe: Bursaray will go underground

bursaray metro
bursaray metro

Bursaray will pass underground: Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe was the guest of the March meeting of the Board of Directors of Bursa Journalists Association.

Saying that the investment priority of the metropolitan is a traffic problem, Mayor Altepe announced that new alternative roads are planned, a new viaduct will be made to Acems and new lines of Bursaray will go underground.

Altepe stressed that 70 thousand cars were added to Bursa traffic annually and said, kadar We have built 68 bridges and junctions so far. 20 kilometer rail system 60 has increased to kilometers. We just demolished a thousand 500 buildings to make the road. ”

Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe was the guest of the March meeting of the Board of Directors of Bursa Journalists Association.

Expressing his pleasure to host President Altepe at the meeting held at the BGC headquarters in the Press Culture Palace, BGC President Nuri Kolaylı said, “The problems of the city we live in are the problems of all of us regardless of our political thinking. We are ready to support every work and every positive project for Bursa as BGC. ”

BGC also providing information about housing Yunuseli Kolaylı, "BGC TOKI houses, was an exemplary project in Turkey. Engineers have used intelligent technologies in all of the buildings, from the elevator to the other materials. It was a project in Ottoman architecture that would add a vision to Bursa. We thank everyone who contributed..


Speaking during the visit, President Altepe stated that the TOKI Yunuseli residences for BGC members add value to Bursa and added: BG I wish BGC TOKI residences built for journalists to be beneficial to journalists and Bursa. ”

Stating that they have made great efforts to solve the traffic problem in Bursa, Mayor Altepe said, “They say that T2 does not cause underground from the tram line. People want to travel by sight while traveling by metro. Nobody wants to travel underground. This is the case all over the world. It is necessary to go underground. Underground subways are made due to the density experienced on the ground. After our work on the Istanbul Road, we will make our underground lines underground. Starting from Yıldırım, we will bring metro lines to all the streets of the city. Measurements and works of new metro projects are being prepared. We will explain them one by one. All of this requires a certain cost. So far we have built 68 bridges and junctions. 20 kilometer rail system 60 has increased to kilometers. We just destroyed a thousand 500 buildings to make the road. This is all happening with money ”.


Bursa, where there is trouble in the hands of the Metropolitan Municipality put the hand under the attention of President Altepe, continued his speech:

“We are taking serious steps about drugs in Bursa. We have meetings with all associations and sports clubs in the neighborhood. We recently had a meeting with 28 association. The neighborhood will provide peace in the neighborhood. Everyone will take care of their village, neighborhood. The state will support it. Anyone can sit anywhere, but everyone will follow the rules. Nobody's gonna hurt anybody. We will protect our problems without forgetting that we live in the state of law. ”


Making the necessary arrangements related to the problem of urban traffic, President Altepe emphasized that the studies started with the determination of the number of vehicles on the roads and that all the regulations are based on scientific aims.

In Bursa, additional roads have been opened to ease the traffic in the city, “We will make arrangements as we go from Çekirge to sculpture and return from Kükürtlü Street. However, this should be done to relieve traffic. We're building another viaduct to clear the traffic jams at Acemler Junction. We'il connect it to the ring road. The project is in progress. We will do it in a short time ”.

Mayor Altepe pointed out that the Metropolitan Municipality should be equipped with more authority on the solution of traffic problems. In Bursa, we are making all road, intersection, bridge, tram and metro investments. But we don't have the authority to handle all aspects of traffic. If I'm doing this all the way, the bridge, the subway, I'm gonna have to stop the traffic ticket. Man is parking his car in the wrong place. I'il drive the vehicle and I'il pay for it. Then the stones are seated. Following the referendum is the Law on Local Authorities. They will give the municipalities the authority to stop traffic. But we want all the powers related to traffic. If we operate this, I will invest in traffic again with the penalty fees we receive. I believe that these powers will be given to the metropolitan municipalities with the new law..


Bursa Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, who heralded that the traffic jam at the junction of the novices will be solved with a new viaduct, continued as follows:

“Our viaduct, which will rise over the plot where the demolition house is completed in Acemler, will be connected to the nearby ring road. So we will provide a new way back. So there will be another double lane road from the novices to the ring road. If 3 thousand vehicles pass by now, an 3 thousand vehicles will pass through the project when it is completed. We will enlarge the junction of the roses with another strip. We're launching the 3 lane. The highway will continue as an 3 lane without any contraction. ”

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