Wreck of train crash in Saudi Arabia, 18 injured

Train accident in Saudi Arabia, 18 injured: 193 people were reportedly injured in the train, which had 6 passengers and 18 officers as a result of the overturning of a wagon of the train that derailed in the east of Saudi Arabia.

According to the news in the Saudi Arabian official news agency SPA, a written statement from the General Directorate of Railways noted that the flood caused by heavy rains near the city of Dammam in the east of the country caused the rail line to displace.

The statement, the train line due to the displacement of the passenger train of Riyad-Ed-Demmam derailment as a result of derailment of the wagons separated and the 5 wagon was overturned, on the train 193 passengers and 6 officials, 18 people were injured in the accident was expressed.

Passengers injured in the accident were reported to be in good health.

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