Kastamonu Castle Ropeway Project tender

Kastamonu Castle Cable Car Project was awarded: The project supported by the North Anatolian Development Agency (KUZKA) will connect the Kastamonu Castle and the Clock Tower from the sky. The project, which will bring a new perspective to the course of Kastamonu's unique historical fabric and the general appearance of the city, was held.

Two companies offered the tender for the Teleferic Project, which is approximately 7 million 637 thousand 696 lira. The bids submitted by the firms will be decided on the contractor firm after the tender commission evaluates the tender submitted by Tahsin Babaş, Mayor of Kastamonu Municipality. Kastamonu Mayor Tahsin Babas who gave information about the cable car project after the tender, the city's two icons of the Castle and the clock tower with a line of 1040 meters that will connect with the 6 fixed-link gondola lifts group of people who have realized that the project is about 7 million TL worth of he said that everything is ready, including the investment allowance, and that the project is intended to be finished within 240 days after the place is delivered.

After the evaluation of the tender commission, the contractor company will sign a contract without losing time and the project will be started without losing time. I We have received the approval of a very important project to revive the history and culture of our city. The ropeway project was very important for us in terms of keeping the historical and cultural physical infrastructure alive. With this project, Kastamonu Castle, Clock Tower, Seyrangah Hill, Coppersmiths Bazaar, 2'ci stage street sanitation area and Nasrullah Square will be connected to each other. The project will be completed within 6 months following the start of the tender and start of the work. Let us already have good luck in our city. Şimd

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:58

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