On the left side of the train died

Person under the train lost his life: Aydın, Efeler district near the neighborhood of Kardeskoy Söke-Nazilli who died under the train who died.

The accident occurred at noon. According to the information, the Sne-Nazilli voyage 393 number one train to the vicinity of the train to the railroad Suleyman Yalcin (39) was hit. It is claimed that Süleyman Yalçın stood on the railway line to commit suicide. Yalçın hit the train meters ahead, standing in the way, despite the whistle of the machinist person said that the road. Emergency crew arrived at the scene of the death of the person found. Police and gendarmerie teams took extensive security measures at the scene. As a result of the impact of the 20 meter drifting Yalcin's corpse around the corpse of the security strip was drawn to a detailed examination. Citizens traveling by train watched the frightened eyes in a desperate way.

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