Eastern Marmara Development Agency Secretary General Erkan AYAN said, "Rail Systems Specialized OIZ can be established in Sakarya."

Eastern Marmara Development Agency (MARKA) Secretary General, Erkan AYAN, stated in the Turkish Transportation and Communications Strategy that “state aids for entrepreneurs for the development of street tram, metro, light metro, monorail, high-speed train set, tunnel technologies and magnetic train technologies will be increased by at least % %. He stated that it is aimed to impose 50 domestic content obligations, and efforts are made to ensure localization in all pre-production stages such as design and product development, increasing the rate of domestic parts, and design-development-prototype-mold in new projects. He said that when the current rail system projections of both the government and local administrations are evaluated, 2023-70 billion TL is expected to be spent by the public on the railway sector until 100. Since it will be stipulated that at least 50% of this will be domestic, Sakarya has emerged as the most advantageous province and attraction center throughout the country, especially in Wagon, EMU and DMU production, and that the establishment of the Rail Systems Organized Industrial Zone in Sakarya will make a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the region and the country. he added. The localization of the rail systems and rail systems sub-industry and its clustering as a specialization area with an innovative and competitive approach will have a great impact on Sakarya and the country. kazanHe said he would bring messages.

When Sakarya's Railroad Sector is evaluated for Clustering and Specialization Potential,
- The fact that many elements needed by the sector are currently being produced.
- The industry-supporting machinery-equipment and automotive supply industry are concentrated in the region.
- Advantageous geo-strategic location of Sakarya for railways
- Indicating that the production of railway vehicles to be produced for urban use depends on the outside and will be supported by the state.
Train and Rail Systems

The importance given to the railway sector worldwide is increasing. This is the only type of railroad that incorporates alternative solutions to basic problems such as mobility, traffic density, traffic accidents and the environment.

With the development of high-speed railway operations, railways have an important market in passenger transportation. It has become a preferred alternative to railways, roads and airlines in the market. The countries aiming at the continuation of these positive developments have cooperated to form international networks and corridors such as Trans Europe and Trans Asia and at the same time to ensure integration with other modes of transportation and have taken important decisions in this direction. In addition, the most advantageous type of urban public transport rail systems, this area also shows the potential for development.

Train and Rail Systems Production

Transport and Communication Strategy for the sector in Turkey in line with targets located railway line will need to increase production and supply of railway vehicles. In this context, the existing towing and towing vehicle park is expected to be renewed and
- 180 YHT Set,
- 300 locomotives,
- 120 EMU, (electric train set)
- 24 DMU, ​​(diesel train set)
- 8.000 Wagons
it will be provided.

These include cars, DMI, EMI production TÜVASAŞ primarily located in Sakarya (Turkey Wagon Industries Inc.) and originating in South Korea is made by the company with a few smaller-scale EUROTEM. Kümenlen and other studies will be integrated into their cars and train sets tülomsaş'l in Turkey and will be expected to meet the Sakarya region. The impact of sub-industry will also create multiplier effect.

Source : http://www.habersakarya.com

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