The cable car which is longing for years in Alanya is ready for May

Alanya's ropeway which has been longing for years Ready for the month of May: The work on the Teleferik Project, which has been longing for Alanya for years, continues at full speed. Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, the most important stages of the cable car project, the station 2 and the upper station in Alanya Castle 4 found in the area where the poles were installed. Yucel, "God willing, without a major setback in the end of May as the whole of Alanya will take the cable car," he said.


The construction of the Teleferic Project, planned by Alanya Municipality, between Damlataş Social Facilities and Alanya Castle Ehmedek Gate continues at full speed. President Yücel, who supervised the works in the area where the poles were installed, were among the most important stages of the project, and said, ve The ropeway project continues rapidly. Today, the sub-station 2, the upper station is installed on the poles 4. Today, I participated in the activities to inform our people about the progress of the project. Studies continue with all speed. As I have always said, God willing, we will take the ropeway as the end of May, unless there is a major setback. Her


Stating that one of the pillars of the ropeway project is the promotion and preservation of the cultural assets of the Alanya Castle, President Yücel said, tanıtıl In this context, we made the tender and tender of Bedesten, which has been idle for many years. I hope we're gonna finish the summer. In the inner castle with the renovation project, we will bring a livable Seljuk heritage to our Alanya. You will see that the cable car will come from the Bedesten Castle will keep alive and everyone who comes to the Castle will not go without visiting, '' he said.