Kartepe Ropeway Project Accelerates

Kartepe Teleferik Project Accelerates: The work of the Teleferik Project, one of the prestige projects of the Mayor of Kartepe Hüseyin Üzülmez, continues rapidly. In the project, where the Kartepe Municipality Plan and Project Directorate teams completed the technical project work, an important stage was also reached in the zoning plan works.

50 Annual Dream Becomes Real

With the leadership of Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez, who continues to add value to the district with the plans, services and projects that will create the future of Kartepe District and which will shed light on the economic and social development of the region, Kartepe's 50 annual dream Teleferik project is progressing rapidly. Kartepe Municipality, which has made significant progress among the young districts under the direction of President Hüseyin Üzülmez, is an example district with the Teleferik Project which is among the projects that add value to tourism and urban culture. In the Teleferic Project carried out under the auspices of Kartepe Municipality Plan and Project Directorate, the teams continue their works at a fast pace.

Final Stage of Planning in March Parliament

In the Teleferic Project, where the technical project was completed, a significant distance was also taken in the development plans. The Kartepe Municipality Plan and Project Directorate is in a feverish effort to bring the project, which is planned to be implemented in two stages, to Kartepe. Within the scope of the processing of the cable car project to the upper scale plans, the Environmental Plan and the Master Plan were approved by the members of the Assembly in the Metropolitan Municipality Council of Kocaeli and approved by the Council of Ministers dated 16.02.2017 and 106. The second and the last stage of the planning work, the Implementation Zoning Plan proposal preparation work will be presented to the agenda of the Assembly meeting of the Council of Cartepe in March.