Inebolu Lift | Governor Bektaş examined in the cable car line thought to be established in İnebolu

Inebolu Cable Car: Vali Bektaş examined the cable car line in İnebolu. Governor Bektaş, Geriş Hill and the city center between the touristic thought of the establishment of the cable car was found.

Bektaş, AA correspondent, said in a statement that Inebolu is a district with serious possibilities, tı It is necessary to evaluate them somehow. The ropeway topic is more crude thoughts. If something is created, we hope to get it from the end, Bir he said.

Kaymakam Gökhan Görgülüarslan stated that there is a thousand 700 meters of bird flight between Geriş Hill and the port, which is considered to be a ropeway, and the distance of the other alternative route is a thousand 300 meters.

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