Nakhichevan-Tabriz-Tehran-Mashhad Train Expeditions Started

Nakhichevan-Tabriz-Tehran-Mashhad Train Expeditions Started: Nakhichevan-Iran trade forum, a new railway line was put into service.

Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, High Council President Vasıf Talıbov and Minister of Communication and Information Technology of Iran Islamic Republic Mahmud Vaezi participated in the opening of the railway which was realized within the framework of the agreements between Nahcivan and Iran.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of Nakhchivan, Tabriz, Tehran and Mashad, Parliament Speaker Vasıf Talıbov said: “Nakhchivan and Culfa stations have been considered to make fast and trouble-free passenger customs procedures, our station has modernized and the border crossing documents have been modernized so that visa and other transactions can be handled smoothly. It is facilitated by equipping with modern equipment. Nakhchivan, Julfa, Tabriz, Tehran and Mashhad path of the economy will allow trains going in and contributed greatly to Iran from Turkey, Iran and Nakhichevan, will make it easier on both arrival in Turkey. This is an extremely good development for both countries. ” said.

Talıbov: “In Baku, there were 36 modern passenger cars of coupe type, working at all 3 levels of passenger trains. Nakhchivan-Tabriz-Tehran-Mashhad passengers will travel twice a week on the way to fall, and 2 thousand passengers will be carried throughout the year. 12 Swiss francs will determine the Swiss franc's ticket sales price as manats. He stated that ticket sales will be made at Nakhichevan and Culfa railways stations ”

The officials reminded that the negotiations between the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran and international passenger trains started operating on February 2016 between the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Azerbaijan and Iran Coordination Railways, Tehran, the railway agreement was signed.

They stressed that this railway route between the two countries would increase friendship, brotherhood, solidarity, the railway project would improve tourism relations, remain sustainable, and strengthen the support links between the two countries.

In the speech he gave at the opening ceremony of Nakhchivan, Tabriz, Tehran and Meshh Railway at the Minister of Information Technologies of Iran Islamic Republic of Iran: With the permission of Allah, this project will further strengthen the brotherhood ties between the two countries and increase our commercial and tourism potential. ” He spoke in the form.

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