35 Izmir

New Bay of the Bay Blue Bay 3 Sea Broom

The New Assurance of the Gulf The Blue Bay 3 Sea Sweeper: The new sea broom of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality called "Blue Bay 3" is located in Izmir with its liquid waste collection feature that provides rapid response to environmental disasters such as oil spills. [more…]


The last 5 days in Akçarayda come on

The last 5 days in Akçaray are good: The countdown continues for the tram, which will be put into service on a 7-kilometer route from Sekapark to the bus station in Izmit! 5 days left for this mega project to end! Of course the owner of this claim [more…]

880 Bangladesh

Hero Railroad worker saving mother and daughter

In a train station in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, the railroad worker sacrificed himself to save his mother and daughter who were trying to cross the rails. Workers who pushed them to avoid hitting the mother and daughter from the train was killed by the train. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Beykoz University's Academic Staff Strengthens

Beykoz University's Academic Staff is Strengthening: Beykoz University, which sets out with the goal of becoming an innovative, quality-oriented, international, new generation university with differences in higher education, will receive 70 new education programs for two faculties, one college and two vocational schools. [more…]

35 Izmir

Tourism paradise Selçuka VIP bus station

Tourism paradise Selçuka VIP bus station: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed the project work of the district garage that will serve Selçuk. Housing valuable cultural assets such as Ephesus, Virgin Mary and Şirince, this district is now a modern district garage. [more…]

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