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The dream of cable car is real

A significant distance has been recorded in the cable car project, which Kahramanmaraş residents have been waiting with great enthusiasm and dreaming for years. Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Department of Surveying and Projects [more…]


UITP 7. Turkey Conference will be held in Kayseri

UITP 7th Turkey Conference will be held in Kayseri: 7th Turkey Conference of the International Public Transport Association will be held in Kayseri. Many countries will attend the conference to be held on March 9th. International Union of Public Transporters (UITP) Turkey Conference, [more…]


Merzifon-Samsun railway consultancy services tender

New developments in the tender of 2015 km Merzifon-Samsun (Infrastructure, Superstructure, Electromechanical) Railway Survey, Project, Engineering and consultancy service work within the scope of the Preparation of Samsun-Çorum-Kırıkkale Railway Projects with the number 182186/95 KİK of the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise [more…]