İMO Trabzon Branch President Yaylalı, Metro not light rail system

İMO Trabzon Branch Chairman Yaylalı, Metro, but not light rail system: Chamber of Civil Engineers Trabzon Branch President Mustafa Yaylalı, Metro is the most severe for this region. The cost is many. This can be discussed in more dense places. Ler he explained the necessity of the light rail system when using the expressions.

The plateau spoke as follows: We first need a transport master plan. Transportation should be planned throughout the city. For this, the city plan should be completed. I think we can make a light rail system that can be connected from Besikduzu to Of and Rize when we make the transportation master plan. The number of passengers in the PIK was distressed. We're over this. All that is said to be made will be accessible to all Trabzon.

We Will Fight
We're all over it. With all my friends, we get into this. If someone is going to fight, we say. We speak so easily. We think our feet are firm in what we stand for. Greater opportunity. If we are trying to get natural gas to every district today, we need to design a light rail system as soon as possible. If we start to project today, the 2-3 year project will continue. A decision has to be made. A topic that needs to be worked quickly. The decision is currently in the metropolitan municipality and transport ministry.

Rail should not be mixed with light rail
This should not be confused with the railroad. Light rail is something else. The light rail system has nothing to do with the Erzincan railway. You have to understand this once. They are very different projects in terms of construction technique and project logic. Erzincan Trabzon railway has an importance to increase Trabzon's trade. We think that the light rail system is also important for Trabzon to be among the livable cities in the world. But it should be both. As a city, we do everything due to our trading qualities. kazansteep.

We have the trumps
The city should want this project and stand behind it. Besides, it is an important opportunity to have our minister. It is also a very important opportunity for Binali Yıldırım to be a minister. We have the tricks. We have everything we will do halva.

Life in Akyazı
Now Akyazı'da stat is done. Next to it will be built new facilities. There must be transportation to connect this place to the city. The issue should be connected to the Akyazı light rail line. If we do all our planning today in a way to highlight the light rail system instead of solving the intersection, we can only implement this system into the 10 year. Biz

Extension should be extended
Abdullah Dabakoğlu, a businessman from the former politician, said the following about the metro project: yön We, as the provincial director of Tansu Çiller Government in the period of the True Path Party, went to Trabzon Regional Directorate of Highways together with the architect Ali Akar. We said that when we were making this coast road from Beşikdüzü, we applied 4-5 meters to get the rail. There are institutions of the state, but they do not want to work together with each other, this is not our job but the job of state railways. We did not look hot saying we were highways. We were unable to mobilize political dynamics. This is exactly 28 years ago. But it didn't.

Route Extension
Now this project on the metro will not be half. Not to Arsin from Akcaabat but also to Of. Metro. If she finds dead mercy, let her find out where she lives. But I think the state will look at this idea as a dream. Because of the expropriation and sea fillings are approved by the state projects. He does not do the job of the bureaucrats who will do the job does not full.

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