Railroad Railroad View

Rubble view of the railroad citizens upset: Turgutlu District of Manisa Albayrak District Ankara Izmir railroad crosses even rubble citizens upset. They claimed that this landscape, where tens of thousands of citizens crossed this railroad, did not suit Turgutlu's Kad Changing and Developing Turgutlu Fate “.

Turgutlu District Albayrak Neighborhood near the old tanneries in the last section of the historical railway line near the rubble poured by irresponsible citizens, garbage gives an ugly appearance. Serkan Tatlıcı, a resident of the neighborhood, said: gibi As you can see, thousands of citizens, not thousands, pass this historic railway line in the train. There are strangers, natives. In what age? Are the managers asleep?

Source : I www.turgutluyanki.co

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