Do Not Run the Diploma Opportunity with Distance Education

Diploma Opportunities with Distance Education: Beykoz University Distance Education Programs, “Logistics” and “Foreign Trade ları offer employees the chance to get a diploma without leaving their jobs. The deadline to add a diploma to your achievements in your business life is 18 January 2017.

Beykoz University Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics provides distance education programs in the foreign trade and logistics sector, but allows people who have no opportunity to study in these disciplines at an early age.

In the case that the student and the educator cannot be physically in the same environment, the distance education which is e-learning based education technology is a rising trend all over the world. we have the opportunity to have a diploma without leaving their jobs. With this training technology, you decide where you work and where you live, where you live or work, it doesn't matter, you can connect to the system via your computer, tablet or mobile phone. You only need to come to school a few days a year for final exams. Your diploma is the same with the formal education students and we are providing scholarships at a rate of% 40 to the sector employees. Dipl Specifically, Yeral stated that the Foreign Trade Distance Education Program offers an important opportunity for the sector employees who aim to be gerçek Assistant Customs Broker ön.

The first step to enroll in the distance education programs of the university is 4 January-18 January 2017 YS-XX 2017 Higher Education Transition Exam (YGS), YGS-6 score 150 points of the exam to pass the pass. The YGS Exam will be held on 12 March 2017 this year. After passing the 150 score threshold in YGS exam, you can write adım Logistics tik or bar Foreign Trade N Program of Beykoz University Vocational School of Beykoz according to your preference of second step.

For detailed information about the acak Distance Education diploma Program which will change your life and make you a diploma and get information from 444 25 69.

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