Eurasia Tunnel Passage

The Eurasia Tunnel automobile crossings started this morning: Istanbul residents started using the Eurasia Tunnel as of this morning. Connecting the Asian and European continents for the first time with a two-storey highway tunnel under the sea floor, the vehicle crossing from the Eurasia Tunnel started at 07.00 TL between Göztepe - Kazlıçeşme and Kazlıçeşme Göztepe as of 15:XNUMX this morning. Citizens, who showed great interest in opening the Eurasia Tunnel to traffic, experienced the excitement of passing under the sea for the first time with their vehicles.

Istanbul's mega project Eurasia Tunnel started its late passages as of this morning. As of 07:00 in the morning, it was opened to the passage of cars between Göztepe - Kazlıçeşme and Kazlıçeşme Göztepe. Citizen began to pass under the sea for the first time with their vehicles.

The opening of the Eurasia Tunnel to the traffic was welcomed with great interest from the citizens and the media. A driver named Ömer Keşoğlu came to the box office for the first time in the Eurasia Tunnel to arrive at 05.00 and was the first to pass through the tunnel. Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment Co. (ATAŞ), employees also waiting to pass through the tunnel welcomed with flowers. The first 1.000'er person from Asia and Europe side was presented with a gift box and a tunnel security leaflet as a gift.

The Eurasia Tunnel, which is stated to be used by more than 130 thousand vehicles per day, will be provided by tube passes under the sea in a short time like 15 minutes between the two continents. Istanbul residents are very excited and the passage of cars and minibuses in the Eurasia Tunnel, which is planned to open yesterday morning, started as of 07:00 this morning. Passing through the Eurasia Tunnel, where passes can be made until 21:00 in the evening, will pay 15 TL for each pass, while minibuses will pay 22.5 TL.

The 100 will be an observable mitigation on the July Martyrs' Bridge with huge investment that will take a distance of approximately 15 minutes, as well as a time of 15 minutes.

Practical information on the Eurasia Tunnel:

The Eurasia Tunnel covers a total of 14,6 kilometers in the Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe line. The 5,4 kilometer of this route, which consists of a whole tunnel, consists of a tunnel passing under the sea floor.
The toll of the Eurasia Tunnel was determined as 15 TL for automobiles and 22,5 TL for minibuses in the first place.
The income from the Eurasia Tunnel 22 December-1 January will be donated to the Ministry of Family and Social Policies to be delivered to the relatives of the martyrs.
The Toll of the Eurasia Tunnel will be recalculated on 4 Dollars + VAT for cars, 6 Dollars + VAT for minibuses after the year and the transitions will be made over the new wage. The toll will be recalculated every year on this value.
Until the necessary integrations are made in the Eurasia Tunnel, transitions on the Asian and European sides are provided by a single lane. Both lanes will be opened next week.
The Eurasian Tunnel will serve 30 hours a day between 2017-07.00 hours until 21.00 January 14. 30 From the date of January, the Tunnel will serve as per the 24 hour principle as planned.

The highest level of security in the Eurasian Tunnel

-Each 100 meters, emergency telephones, public announcements, radio announcements and GSM infrastructure provide an uninterrupted communication opportunity during the journey and the flow of information in emergency situations is not interrupted.
- Each 200 meter output room will be used as security rooms or to reach the safe floor in the tunnel. The tunnels are completely isolated from each other.
-Avrasya Tunnel is specially designed for patrol vehicles and motorcycles, all kinds of equipment that can interfere with the accident.

Eurasia Tunnel is monitored from the 7 / 24 control room

-Avrasya Tunnel and route 400 camera with 7 / 24 tracked.
-The traffic flow in the tunnel is monitored by 10 operators and supervisors in the control room for 24 hours.
-The first intervention teams who have any equipment and training in the tunnel entrances and in the 7 / 24 can intervene in any event within a few minutes. Teams are driven from the control center.
-Operators work in coordination with Istanbul Fire Department, 112 Ambulance Center, police and AFAD against any adversity that may be experienced in the tunnel.

Firsts and records signed

-The Eurasia Tunnel, which attracted the attention of the world by opening its ground in N tunnel construction eli with its position, technical advantages and multi-faceted features, reduced the journey between continents to 5 minutes. This large project was completed by 700 months before the 12.000 million man / hour work of 14 engineers and 8 more than 4 months.

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