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Project Attack of the Century from Izmir Metropolitan Municipality: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will start many important projects that will radically solve the city's traffic and transportation problem. Among the ongoing investments, there are huge projects such as the 2017 km road to be connected to the bus station with the longest tunnel in the city, Alsancak Tube Pass, Marina Junction underpass, Narlıdere and Buca subways and Fuar İzmir connection road.

Stating that Izmir is getting ready for the future with the biggest investments in its history in the rail system area, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “The transportation investments we realize with an increasing momentum every year will reach the top in 2017. We believe that we will reach the 100 targets, which we will celebrate the 2023th anniversary of our republic, much earlier. ”

In line with this goal drawn by Mayor Kocaoğlu, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will make a revolution in the field of transportation infrastructure in the city with the steps it will take in 2017. Taking the most important steps in rail system projects, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 7 km road to be connected from Buca to the Bus Terminal with the longest tunnel in the city, Alsancak Tube Pass, Marina Junction Underpass, Fair İzmir connection road, Onur Mahallesi Highway Bridge, Yeşillik Caddesi Yaşayanlar Kavağı New roads, such as the Highway Crossing, will also greatly ease urban traffic with intersections and crossings.

Here are the giant projects to breathe the traffic of Izmir:

Connection path between Buca Onat Street and Intercity Bus Terminal and Peripheral Road
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will start construction works in 2017 to realize a project that will revolutionize urban transportation. With a total of 2.5 kilometers long road project, 7 kilometers deep tunnel, planned to connect Konak, Buca and Bornova, will be extended to Homeros Boulevard Bus Station; Another scalpel will be hit on the traffic problem of İzmir.

The project, called “Buca-Onat Street and Intercity Bus Terminal and Ring Road Connection Road”, which will also include the longest tunnel, which is all within the city limits, will be realized in two stages. In the first stage, 2 meters long “two tube tunnels”, in the second stage, 500 viaducts, 2 underpasses and 2 overpass will be built.
In 2017, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will complete the 80 of the viaducts and the 40 of the tunnel.

Connection road and intersection project from İzmir Ring Road to Aktepe Mahallesi and Fuar İzmir
In 2017, a new connection road will be opened to Fuar İzmir, one of Europe's largest exhibition facilities. The road and intersection arrangement that will provide connection to the Fair Izmir and Aktepe Neighborhood from Izmir Ring Road is among the investment plans of the new year. Those coming from Aydın, Ankara, İstanbul and Gaziemir direction will be able to reach Fair İzmir without interruption by using the interchange with the connection road to be made. In addition, Şehit Süleyman Ergin Caddesi will be used as an alternative to Aktepe, Peker, Aydın, Emrez and İhsan Alyanak neighborhoods via Akçay Avenue, and transportation to the region will be easier.

Within the scope of the project, 3 km road, 850 meter retaining structure, 27 bin m2 green area arrangement and road lighting will be manufactured.

In addition, with the new arrangements to be made by the ESBAS management, the service from the Free Zone and the exit of some customs vehicles will be provided from the ring road.

Alsancak Tube Crossing
Within the scope of pedestrianization of Sait Altınordu Square, Atatürk Avenue and Vahap Özaltay Square in the Alsancak region, a highway deep tunnel will be built between Liman Caddesi and Şair Eşref Boulevard. With the project, a new pedestrian and bicycle axle, approximately 400 meters long, will be created and the Konak Tram, IZBAN and pedestrian bicycle access will be integrated. It is aimed to complete the project design works in the first months of the year and start the works for the construction in 2017.

Marina Intersection Highway Underpass
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality aims to relieve a blockage in the urban traffic with a lower underpass formula. In order to ensure uninterrupted traffic flow between Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard and İzmir-Çeşme Highway, 800 meters long (350 meters closed section) 2 arrivals and 2 highway total 4 lanes will be constructed. With the completion of the project works, construction works are planned to start in the first months of 2017.

With the project, the vehicles coming from the Izmir-Cesme Highway and the ring road will be transported to the Konak direction without interruption. The underpass will be approximately 350 meters long, and the 2 arrival-2 will consist of a total 4 lane going. Integration with Konak Tramway and İzmir Deniz projects will be provided.

Yeşillik Caddesi Living Crossroads Highway Crossing
Another step will be taken for uninterrupted transportation on Yeşillik Street, one of the most important transportation axes of İzmir. In order to provide uninterrupted highway transportation at the intersection of the Martyr Lieutenant Volkan Koçyiğit Boulevard with Yeşillik Avenue, which is a continuation of Dostluk Boulevard, a highway overpass consisting of 600 lanes, 2 arrivals and 2 lanes in length, will be constructed. After the completion of the project work, it is aimed to start construction works in 4.

Onur Mahallesi Highway Bridge
A new highway bridge will be constructed to connect the İzmir Ring Road to the neighborhoods of Onur and Yamanlar in the Yamanlar Viaduct. Project works have been completed for the production of 7351 meters long road and bridge that will connect 7371 streets and 200 streets over Ilıca Creek. The construction of the project is planned to start in 2017.

Maltepe Highway Bridge
In order to ensure uninterrupted transportation on the Anatolian Avenue and to arrange the traffic, the highway connection of 360 meters (90 meters closed section) 2 arrival and 2 total 4 lanes will be constructed at Maltepe Avenue connection. With the completion of the project work, construction works are planned in 2017.

Narlıdere Metro will be passed through a deep tunnel
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's rail system investments also gained momentum in 2017 in terms of projects that will breathe life into urban traffic. kazanwill ache.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality extends the 3 from Evka 19 to Fahrettin Altay and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality works intensively to start the production of the project to the Narlıdere line. In order to prevent the daily life and social life of the 7.2 station on the route that will consist of 7 kilometers, the project will complete the ergah deep tunnel X.

Buca metro will be driverless
Metropolitan Municipality, the transportation problem of Buca to solve the problem in the middle of the project to solve the metro 2017 will be awarded in the middle of the year. Üçyol-Buca Metro line will consist of 11 stations. Regardless of the existing lines, Buca Metro will be equipped with the latest systems of technology and train sets will serve as drivers. In order not to affect the social life in the region, the 12.5 kilometer metro line, which is planned to be built as a deep tunnel, will be connected with Şirinyer İZBAN Station.

Fair to Monorail in Izmir
İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will facilitate transportation to the Fair İzmir with a double track and 2 station monorail system between İzmir Suburban Esbaş Station and Gaziemir New Fair Area. 2.2 kilometers of overhead lines, Turkey will be the first monorail.

İZBAN goes to Selçuk
Izmir Suburban System Izmir, which plays an important role in the transportation of both the inner city of the city and the connection with the surrounding districts, will start Selcuk flights in 2017. Having previously completed the 80 kilometers of the 32-kilometer line, the Metropolitan Municipality has completed the work on the 26-kilometer Selçuk line. Line laying works of the route, signaling, kataner system and the construction of protection walls are carried out by TCDD.

Tram is coming
Prepared to breathe in urban traffic and support transportation with environmental investments Karşıyaka- Countdown started on Konak tram project. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will start trial flights in the coming days Karşıyaka The tram will be commissioned in spring and Konak Tram will be commissioned at the end of 2017.

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