Kardemir starts rail shipment to Iran

Kardemir starts rail shipment to Iran: KARDEMIR has started the first rail shipment to Iran after an 80 million-euro deal in April, as part of the Oil-Ray clearing with Iran.
General Manager of Karabük Iron and Steel Works (KARDEMİR) Inc. Uğur Yılmaz, eri 3. He answered the questions of journalists in the Hijaz Railway painting exhibition, which was opened within the scope of the International Rail Turkey ı symposium. Yilmaz, the oil-ray swap made with Iran, Tüpraş began to buy oil, KARDEMIR said that began to give rail. Mr. Yilmaz stated that Tüpraş purchased crude oil from Iran under the trade agreement of 80 million euros, and that they started to send railroads to the Iranian State Railways. Ham This is a rail production with up to 135 thousand tons and depending on the exchange. Currently, the production of the first 40 thousand tons is almost over and the first 10 thousand tons of rail is delivered to Iran. It was a good deal. We know that Iranian Iran used 600 thousand tons of rail. 10 of this amount was received from KARDEMİR before this agreement. Now KARDEMİR Ray will have a significant share in the Iranian campus with this volume of supply. This is proud of our country and KARDEMİR. I hope this is the continuation. This is not only Iran, we want to sell rail to Europe. This is the way to the port. I hope Filyos Port, KARDEMİR and Karabük with the region has a very strategic vital for the provinces. In the coming days we will lay the foundations of this place, the work has started. If the port quickly comes to life, we will have the opportunity to export our rail and other products to many countries. Sür
Yilmaz noted that the reconstruction and reconstruction of the region should be ensured by ensuring peace in the neighboring countries of Syria and Iraq. our expectation is also not just rail, important in terms of Turkey's steel sector. We will export to that region. These regions will eventually become an important market and a potential when one day peace is achieved. Bu



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