The fastest train is the fastest and safest transportation vehicle of the future

The fastest train is the fastest and safest transportation of the future: TCDD 24, which we ask for the fast train project, which aims to take the train between Adana and Mersin in 6 minutes. Regional Director Mustafa Çopur pointed out that high-speed trains bring cities closer together, providing a fast lifestyle.
Expressing that the high-speed train is more advantageous than the plane in a 4-hour travel time, he noted that when this project is completed, high-speed trains with Tarsus and Yenice stops will reach Adana from Mersin, Mersin and Adana in 24 minutes. Çopur said, "We are working to put our high-speed train project, which we aim to complete in 2017, into service in the coming years," Çopur said.
Voicing can also work Çopur of freight trains on the high speed rail line, pointing out that Turkey's needs in this direction, the speed of freight trains 140 km / h could be expressed. Çopur said, “Today, the share of passenger transport in railways is 2 percent and the share of freight transport is 5 percent. Together with our 2023 targets, these rates will be 10 percent and 15 percent ”.
Çopur stated that these rates are a very good figure in the world standards of railway transportation and that they will carry the passengers quickly and safely while reaching these standards. Rail transportation is the safest mode of transportation between transportation modes, and Çopur emphasized that trains are equipped with the ever-developing safety systems technologies and TCDD uses these technologies.



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