The name of martyr was given to İZBAN pedestrian underpass

The İZBAN pedestrian underpass was named after the martyr: While the İZBAN pedestrian underpass was opened in Izmir by Torbalı Municipality, the underpass was named after Gendarmerie Specialist Sergeant Tolga Sağlam, who was martyred in the conflict with terrorists in Diyarbakır's Sur district.
A ceremony was held for the opening of the İZBAN pedestrian underpass in Torbalı district. The pedestrian underpass was named after Gendarmerie Expert Sergeant Tolga Sağlam, who was martyred in a clash with terrorists in Diyarbakır's Sur district. The family of the martyr also came to the opening ceremony. The construction started in November 2015 and 4 months as speaking at the opening ceremony of the underpass was completed in a short time the AK Party Deputy Chairman Professor Nükhet Hot Air, an unity and emphasis, "We are surrounded by enemies who do not want to be the leading country in the region of Turkey. That is why we are trying to meet the attacks of our internal and external enemies while opening these kinds of projects. Let's not forget that we owe all our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the unity of the country as a result of these attacks. Let's claim our unity and brotherhood in order not to make our enemies happy ”.
AK Party Izmir Deputy Atilla Kaya said that one of the best examples of local and general government cooperation was given in Torbalı. Kaya said, “Once upon a time it was said that Torbalı was developing; but this was always rhetorical. As everyone can see closely, Torbalı has achieved the development momentum it deserves in the last 2 and a half years. Torbalı'ya Mayor Adnan Yasar never see and the number of teams from Ankara effort even though we are, we provide the support needed from the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. We are building Torbalı of the future with determination, enthusiasm and cooperation, ”he said.
"A new era and a different synergy occurred in the city"
Torbalı Mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez stated that when they took office, they determined the priorities of the city through surveys and the views of non-governmental organizations, and that they discussed problems such as health, education, transportation, industry, agriculture and urbanization. Görmez said, “The demand for a state hospital was in the first place. First, the foundation of the 250-bed state hospital was laid. Our hospital, which will meet the needs of the whole basin, will hopefully be opened in the first months of next year. In education, in 20 months, we contributed at every stage of the foundation, construction, land and license of around 20 schools. Our schools are completed one by one. Our İZBAN dream in transportation came true. A new era and a different synergy occurred in the city. We have always helped our industrialists. We have worked on a number of zoning arrangements and are now reaping the benefits. Agriculture is everything; We pioneered Fetrek in order to protect our air, water and soil. The size of this project and its contribution to our environment and the future of our children will emerge better over time. "



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