We are seriously concerned about the Izmir Tram project

We are seriously concerned about the Izmir Tram project: Konak and Karşıyaka Professional chambers reacting to the Metropolitan Municipality, which changed the route after the tender of the tram project, said that they are seriously concerned about how the works will turn out.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Mansion and Karşıyaka The Izmir Branch of the Chamber of City Planners reacted to the changes it made after the construction tender for the tram project. The chamber explained that the process was far from scientific and that it had serious concerns about how it would result.

Although more than a year has passed since the tender announcement was concluded and the date it was announced to the public, the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of City Planners has made a decision about transportation costing millions of liras and that will affect a large part of the city, and explained that it was made with a study and showed that it was far from scientific. Stating that such an important transportation decision should first be carried out the necessary feasibility studies, the results are evaluated and converted into a plan decision and made official by stating on the zoning plans, the next step is the application tender of the project, the Chamber of City Planners, in the report they prepared in August 2014, He pointed out that they made detailed results and suggestions on many issues such as connections, pedestrian safety, reduction of green areas and parking problems. The Izmir Branch of the Chamber of City Planners stated that the opinions and suggestions of the professional chambers were not taken into consideration from the beginning of the project, and only after the problems encountered and the public reactions. In the statement of Oda, it was pointed out that as a result of all these experiences, an unplanned and unscheduled tram project was faced, and there were serious concerns about how the implementation to be made after the uncertainty would end.

In the Konak tram project, the route, which was planned to pass through the Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard green area in the first project, was taken to Mithatpaşa Street with a decision after the tender. However, taking into account the problems to be experienced here later, there were developments in taking it back to Sahil Avenue. Although the final decision has not been made yet, passing a route that will include the road and the pavement gained weight on the Sahil Boulevard. Karşıyaka In the first project on the coast of the tram and the green area on the route envisaged to go through the route, the path was taken to traffic due to criticism of trees to be dismantled. It was decided to have mixed traffic. The last stop of Alaybey was canceled and the tram line Karşıyaka It was decided to end at Iskele.

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