The new name of the Bosphorus Bridge was 15 July Martyrs Bridge

The new name of the Bosphorus Bridge was 15 July Martyrs' Bridge: What is the new name of the Bosphorus Bridge? The question came from Prime Minister Yildirim. Prime minister; Temmuz It was decided that the name of the Bosphorus Bridge, which was the first target of the coup plotters and our citizens were martyred, was changed as pr 15 July Martyrs Bridge ec. “
In his statement following the meeting of the Council of Ministers, Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said, sonuç With regard to the summit of President Erdoğan with the leaders, “a small-scale constitutional amendment may be agreed upon in order to eliminate the negative consequences of the system clogging in the short term. We will work together to prepare the infrastructure of this. However, we saw that there is also a consensus on the preparation of a completely new constitution and the preparation of all parties, and we have decided to continue the process, which has already begun before. Ancak
”Gendarmerie and Coast Guard will be connected to the Ministry of Interior“
Prime Minister Yıldırım said that they discussed the issues related to the new decree law in today's meeting and said lar According to this, Gendarmerie General Command, Coast Guard Command will be fully connected to the Ministry of Interior. Decree on this will be published. Bun
”The name of the Bosphorus Bridge has been changed to 15 July Martyrs Bridge“
Prime Minister Yıldırım: bir The establishment of a martyrs monument in Istanbul and Ankara is another issue we decided in the Council of Ministers today. It was also decided to change the name of the Bosphorus Bridge, which was the first target of the coup leaders and the martyrs of our citizens, as '15 July Martyrs' Bridge. B
Constitutional amendment commences
Prime Minister Yıldırım said, lam The calendar has started from now on. This is not a forward-looking term, Bu he said.
Erece Those who attempt to do so will account for it before the law “
Bar Those who take this job are coming out of socks one by one, sö he said. An They all report to each other. As a result, whoever is there, who will be in front of the law, no one will account. "He said.
Supreme Military Council meeting
Prime Minister Yildirim said about the meeting of the Supreme Military Council:
Tir It will be held in Çankaya on Thursday, at the Prime Ministry, which is a first. The chairman of Yasar is the Prime Minister and we will complete all our work in one day. In other words, there is no need for a three-day study and on the second day we will make the decisions for the approval of the President. Yani

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