President Will Be First Official Guest Of Istanbul New Airport

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan emphasized that there is no problem about the first phase of the Istanbul New Airport to be raised on October 29, 2018, “We will invite our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan before our airport opens. We will both use the track and there are very serious advances in our terminal, and we will examine it on the spot. ” said.

Minister Arslan reminded that he had recently made examinations at the new airport in Istanbul and said that the progress was satisfactory.

Emphasizing that many studies that complement and follow each other were carried out at the same time, Arslan underlined that there was no problem about the first stage of the airport reaching 29 October 2018.

Arslan, the first runway in February, the airplanes can land, he pointed out. Arslan stated that the track in question was approved by the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and said:

“For a single night flight, it had to be illuminated and energized, which we did too. It was energized and there were no troubles. Currently, the plane has been able to land on that runway in a 24-hour period. 'Can our President make the first flight?' We had an offer, but such an organization did not take place even though the plane was ready. Our runway is ready, the rest is determined by the appreciation of our President, we were told that there would be no such thing. However, before our airport opens in the upcoming period, we will invite Mr. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and they said 'it may be'. We will both use the track and there are very serious advances in our terminal and we will invite our President to see him on the spot. ”

Arslan added that after the opening on October 29, the procedures for the transportation of airline companies will be completed in a two-day period, adding that the services will start to be provided from the new airport on October 30.

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