Halkalı-Kapıkule Train Flights Re-Started

Halkalı-Kapıkule Train Expeditions Restarted: The train services between Kapıkule and Edirne were restarted after a long period of time. ÇerkezköyFrom the HalkalıEvery day at 10.02, Çerkezköyfrom Edirne / Kapikule to the train at 19.18. Çerkezköy-Halkalı full ticket 8 lira, Çerkezköy Edirne-Kapikule was priced as 17 lira.
Due to the resumption of train services Çerkezköy A ceremony was held at the station. The ceremony begins at 09.30 Çerkezköy District Governor Kubilay, AK Party Member of Parliament Ayse Dogan, Çerkezköy Mayor Vahap Akay, representatives of institutions and organizations, Çerkezköy OSB Chairman of the Board Eyüp Sözdinler, Çerkezköy TSO Chairman Suleyman Kozuv to, veterans, village headmen, Turkey Disabled Association Çerkezköy Members of the Branch joined the guests.
The program started with a reading of the Independence Anthem following a silence. The opening speech was made by the General Directorate of TCDD 1. Regional Director Halil Korkmaz made. the railways in recent Korkmaz Halil indicating a very important developments "when a significant amount of our investments made in railway between Ankara-İstanbul-Konya switch to High Speed ​​Train Operation Our Turkey took its place among the countries numbered engaged in High-Speed ​​Railway Administration. High Speed ​​and High Speed ​​Railway Lines Construction of our Logistics Centers continues. La Our vehicles are being renewed with an environmentally friendly and modern approach to our vehicles and vehicles. Araç
Korkmaz noted that the changes experienced in the railways had a positive effect on the country's development, economy and strengthening of the industry. Halkalı-Edirne-Kapıkule Railway lines have started work at 2011. We have completed the modernization of our railway and came to serve our citizens. Completion of road works in all line segments, freight transportation is started, Halkalı-Edirne-Kapikule operated between the regional passenger trains flights are starting today.
In the railway line, which is fully electrified, trains, electric locomotives and air conditioned wagons with 234 passenger capacity will be provided. Our passengers will travel comfortably with these wagons. In addition, additional wagons can be provided when required according to the passenger demand. Ayrıca

Halkalı-Edirne full ticket cost 22 TL explaining that Korkmaz EHalkalı-Kapikule full ticket price 23 Lira 50 Kuruş as priced. Also available commercial discounts apply to these trains. Following the regeneration of passenger line habits HalkalıWe are also planning to place a new train between Eskisehir and Eskisehir. Our governors who support our modernization project, Çerkezköy I thank the district governor, mayors, local administrators. I wish our new trains will be beneficial to our country and local people. ilçe
General Directorate of 1. After the speech of the head of the region Halil Korkmaz Çerkezköy Mayor Vahap Akay gave a speech. Akay, who started his speech by greeting the participants, has been Çerkezköysaid they miss the sound of train. Akay said: uzun We have been troubled by the sound of train for many years. With the restart of the train services, our citizens will be able to travel safely and cheaply. Tren
Çerkezköy Metin Kubilay, in his speech, started the condemnation of the 15 July coup attempt: Hereby I wish God's mercy to all our martyrs and I would like to have a speedy recovery for our veterans. 15 August I started to work on 2013 Çerkezköytrainings to start as soon as we have carried out continuous work. We were going to the Regional Directorate to keep track of the issue with our deputies. I'm happy that the given struggle brings results Verilen
Kaymakam Kubilay, who continued his speech by wishing to benefit from the train services lerÇerkezköy is one of the leading industrial regions of our country. People come and go here every day, especially from Istanbul. Our citizens will be able to travel economically. Çerkezköy-Halkalı Priced as 8 lira. Train departs from Kapikule in 07.10 in the morning. But we also want Istanbul to start flights from this side. For this, all of these investments should be taken care of. Bu
In the ceremony, Ayşe Doğan, the AK Party deputy from Tekirdağ, made a speech. 15 Deputy Governor Dogan began his speech condemning the July coup attempt and said: darbe We condemn all terrorist organizations. 7 Since June, our Mayor, in cooperation with our Regional Directorate, come today and start flights today. Although we do not go out into the street, as all politicians are in danger, a perception operation is carried out, but we will continue to serve. I would like to commemorate all our veterans, especially Mustafa Kemal, who worked for drawing the borders of this country, and I wish mercy from Allah for our martyrs ken
Following protocol conversations in the program Çerkezköy It was read by the mufti Yusuf Tuna in prayer. Passengers arriving on Kapikule in 10.02 then passengers and some members of the protocol. Çerkezköyleft.
Çerkezköy Gar New Train Hours as follows: GarÇerkezköy-Halkalı morning train hours 10.02, Çerkezköy- Edirne / Kapikule evening train hours 19.18, Halkalı-Çerkezköy evening train hours 18.00, Kapikule / Edirne-Çerkezköy morning train hours 07.10. ÇerkezköyAccording to the station to go from the price list as follows: denHalkalı 8 TL, Ispartakule 6,50 TL, Çatalca 5,00 TL, Velimeşe 3,00 TL, Çorlu 3,50 TL, Muratlı 6,50 TL, Seyitler 6,50 TL, Kayabeyli 8,00 TL, Lüleburgaz 8,00 TL, Alpullu 9,50 TL, Doğanca 11,00 TL, Pehlivanköy 11,00 TL, Sazlımalkoç 12,50 TL 12,50 TL, Edirne 12,50 TL, Edirne City 15,50 TL, Kapıkule 15,50 TL,

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