Gar-Tekkeköy rail system line 16 opens in August

Gar-Tekkeköy rail system line 16 opens in August: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, the anniversary of the establishment of the AK Party, 16 August two important projects for Samsun will be opened in service, he said.
Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said, iş As Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, we are always at the beginning of our business. We follow our investments in our city throughout the day and we go down to the squares for democracy. Gün
Expressing that the construction of the rail system continues rapidly, Yılmaz said, ifade Our rail system project from Gar-Tekkeköy is 14 kilometer. We finish this 4 mile. In the coming days we will make a coupon opening. We make a multi-purpose hall for a thousand people. We will also open that hall. 16 which is the anniversary of our party is continuing its activities without any neglect by taking two big opening events on August in service, production and continuation of life. Part
Mayor Yılmaz told that the Metropolitan Municipality of Samsun has implemented many projects in order to make use of the historical places. D As Metropolitan Municipality, we have removed many historical places. Panorama 1919 Museum 1071 has been established as a historical document describing the process leading to the establishment of all the civilizations established in Anatolia since the Malazgirt Battle and the establishment of our last young republic. Here, we will perform cinevision with projection near 50 to express our experience during the Independence Struggle in an impressive way. Visitors to the museum will live in those days. The spirit of National Struggle will be imposed on visitors. We are planning to open our museum in the coming days. In Samsun, we made the first sketches of the National Struggle and the museum of Sheikh Sadi Tekke. We will open this place as the National Museum of Kuva-yi. This and many of our projects are being completed. We will continue our work until we reach our targets. Sams

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