Train at the crossing of the crossroad hit the car 2 dead, 2 injured

At the level crossing, the train hit the car. The father died with his father-in-law, his wife and baby were seriously injured.
The accident occurred at night in Ahatlı Village. Sefai Akkaş, 29, who lives in Nebioğlu Town, took her disturbed 45-day-old baby Oğuzhan Akkaş, his wife and father-in-law, and took him to Çaycuma State Hospital with his 78 SH 179 license plate car. On the return of the hospital, Sefai Akkaş allegedly asked to pass from the side, although the barrier was closed at the level crossing. Meanwhile, the cargo train numbered 24235 was hit by the mechanic S. K, who traveled from Karabük to Çatalağzı Town.
The father-in-law 50-year-old Aydın Akman, who was in the car drifting in front of the train, died at the scene. Driver Sefai, 29-year-old wife Eda and their baby Oğuzhan Akkaş were seriously injured. Sefai Akkaş, one of the injured people who were taken to Çaycuma State Hospital, also lost his life despite the intervention. The mother and her baby, whose conditions were severe, were transferred to Bülent Ecevit University Application and Research Center.
The engineer Selim Kocabas was taken to the gendarmerie station for his testimony. The investigation is continuing.

Günceleme: 01/01/2020 10:00

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