Train Crash 2 Mechanic Shipped to Courthouse

2 Machine Trainer Shipped to the Courthouse in Train Crash: 5 was sent to 9 mechanic court in X-EXX.
Yesterday at the 10.45'de TatVan-Ankara Van Express service, the lake, the central Yurtbasi district of Seralar located in the uncontrolled and unofficial level crossing the workers carrying the workers in greenhouses crossed the van. In the accident, the 5 in the van, the Syrian 9 workers lost their lives, 1 Syrian workers were seriously injured.
After the accident by the Elazığ Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams, the prosecutor in charge of the public prosecutor Burhan E. and Bekir Y. yesterday were taken into custody learned that the statements were applied. The 2 mechanic who was in custody overnight was sent to the courthouse by a health check at the Training and Research Hospital in the morning.
The investigation is ongoing.


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  1. in a sentence kazanThe main reason for this has already been given: “… at an uncontrolled and unofficial level crossing…”! What could the poor mechanics do in this situation? A steel pile of at least 400 TON underneath + steel-steel friction pair, ie the lowest friction force in all transportation systems, . that is, the longest braking distance + even if the mechanic is a trained person, transfer, reaction time…
    Of course, deaths are very painful, God's mercy for all the dead, let the patience of the rest! However, it cannot be overlooked that the actual offender (a) is a carelessly unofficial level crossing, as well as the driver, (b) there are those who leave a parade, disregard and ignore it!
    The attitude of the prosecutor is difficult to understand, but maybe this is the way it should be because of the procedure… However, the guilty ones here are certainly not the poor mechanics! Every certainty should have his mind and evaluate the situation accordingly! Or TCDD has a "special 6th this" secret new weapon that predicts what will be in its hands, but we do not know it yet? And did the engineers not use this new weapon, the system in themselves, as it should?