Metro workers also joined the strike in France

Metro workers in France also joined the strike: strikes in France against the changes that the government is trying to make in the labor law continue to grow. Beginning this morning, the employees of the Paris metro have also started their work to quit.
Two-week-long strike actions against workers who work for the extension of working hours and those that grant more power to companies for dismissals are also being attended by suburban trains and dock workers.
The actions initiated by refinery, nuclear power plant and railway workers last week are also continuing. Especially as a result of the decrease in the production in refineries, fuel shortages appeared in gas stations in France and long queues started to emerge at the stations.
Due to a shortage of gasoline to go to work by public transport to the Parisians, this time was faced with a metro strike.
Paris subway service will not stop completely, trains will continue to work even less than normal, said.
Air France goes on strike
Regardless of the cessation actions carried out against the labor law package, disruptions are also expected today due to strikes in air traffic in France.
Air France pilots said their demands on wages and leave days were not met and announced that they would go on strike today.
Sarkozy: If the parliamentary way closes, the debate goes down
It is expected that new street demonstrations will be held against the labor law package, which the government is trying to legislate in parliament.
The labor law is expected to arrive in the French Senate later this month.
French President François Hollande, who advocated the arrangement, says he will not step back, despite protests and strikes that occasionally clash between the police and the demonstrators.
However, the leader of the opposition party of conservative Republicans, former President Nicolas Sarkozy accused Hollande of closing the political ground for debate by not bringing the labor law package to parliament and said, "It has managed the process very badly from the beginning."
Sarkozy, who gave an interview to Valeurs Actuelles magazine, said, "If you do not allow the discussion of ideas in parliament, the street will act."
Public support for the strikes led by the General Labor Confederation (CGT), one of the largest unions in the country, still continues.
The latest survey of the Journal du Dimanche newspaper showed that 46 percent of the French people found and supported the quit actions.
What does the French labor law reform cover?
35 hours of operation does not change per week but it is offered to be accepted as the average working time.
Companies are allowed to talk to local trade unions and move on to more or less working time practices. The maximum working time in the bill is 46 hours.
Companies are entitled to more salary discounts.
Firms can be used easily.

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