Some trees were cut due to the bridge crossing in Ankara

Some trees were cut down due to the bridge crossing in Ankara: More than 50 trees were cut on Celal Bayar Boulevard. In the statement made by the Metropolitan, it was stated that the opinion of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs was received at the request of TCDD, "The trees that could be transplanted were transported and those that were not removed were removed." A bridge intersection is planned for the area where the trees are cut.

On the side of Celal Bayar Boulevard, between Kazim Karabekir Street and Ataturk Boulevard, the trees on the sidewalk, middle median and roadside 50 were cut. Ankara, reacting to the cutting of the trees, the Metropolitan Municipality said in a statement, 'cut' was not using the word, "Transplanted trees were transplanted, non-removed," he drew attention. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) High-speed train that transported the trees because of interchanges will do work for the station and the Metropolitan written statement noted abolished took place the following statements:
Yapılan Bridge construction will be carried out by TCDD in order to provide access to the newly constructed High Speed ​​Train Station on Celal Bayar Boulevard. TCDD, the metro connection with the new high-speed train station to the Metropolitan Municipality reported that such a study. Upon this, the opinion of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs was taken and the trees that could be transported were transferred and those who were not transferred were removed. Bun


On the other hand, at the regular meeting of the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, a decision was made regarding the road arrangement to be made in front of the High Speed ​​Train Station. UM In the parcel no 29216 Ada 8 (formerly 4) in Çankaya district, with the build-operate-transfer model of ATG Ankara Train Station Management Inc. Hızlı Authorization of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) in accordance with the principles of art and science in order to carry out the construction of all the projects and artifacts in which the art structures such as the subway (sinking) and the bridge extension are being constructed in front of the Ankara High Speed ​​Railway Station under construction. ta the President's Letter was adopted by unanimity.

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