In the 80 percent Signaling None of railways in Turkey

no signaling of railways in Turkey in the face 80
no signaling of railways in Turkey in the face 80

Istanbul University Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Department of Transportation Karaşahin Mustafa, said that the railways signaling In the 80 percent in Turkey.

13 in Ankara 06: 30 86 in December as a result of the high-speed train colliding head to head as a result of the collision of nine people were killed and injured in the XNUMX.

After the accident, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) official, "the lack of signaling system, brought the accident to check with the manual system," he said.
One of the five lines

Speaking to RS FM, Yavuz Oğhan. Karashahin, two trains should not be on the same line, said the problem was due to lack of communication or neglect.

. The traffic control center sees two trains on the same line, Ulaşım the transportation expert said. A scissor needs to be made but it is understood that it was not done. There are only signaling xnumx's percent of the railway line in Turkey. There is no signaling on the 20 of the lines. Hat

The installation of the signaling system is a long-term work of the expert transfer, accidentally prevented accidents when operated.

Professor Karashahin served as an expert on 2004's Pamukova and last July in Corlu.

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