Signature Campaign for Yht Route in Sivas

Signature Campaign for Yht Route in Sivas: Within the framework of the campaign initiated by the Turkish Transport Union in Sivas to keep the high-speed train (YHT) route not changed, signatures were collected from 34 non-governmental organizations.

With the new Ankara-Sivas high-speed train line to be built in the city, the new railway station was replaced by the new railway station. Those who opposed this project, pioneered by the municipality, attempted to pass the high speed train route through the city center.

Turkish Transportation Union Sivas Branch started a petition to prevent the route being changed. Union members gathered in front of Sivas Train Station and sent the signatures they collected from 34 non-governmental organizations operating in Sivas to the Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Nurullah Albayrak, Head of the Sivas Branch of the Turkish Transportation Union, told reporters that they were trying to make the change in the route.


Albayrak said, “A high-speed train station was planned on a land of 165 decares next to the existing train station, and accordingly, road works, viaducts, bridges, bridge piers, expropriation, projects and tenders were carried out, millions of liras were spent from the taxes of this nation and whatever happened, all these services were brought to life. , so much money, so much labor is being tried to be destroyed at once. When you planned to take this train from the city center out of the city, which science, which science and which scientific study did you do? We are very curious about which subject matter experts you worked with with which university. You pity Sivas. We are calling out from here once again. This wasted, ignored, wasted money must be betrayed, and is plagued. We are after this and we will not give it a gift, ”he said.

The signatures collected after the press release were sent to the Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications from the Sivas Station PTT branch.

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