Two trains collided in France

Two trains collided in France: In Denguin, in the south west of France, the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) and the regional train collided. In the accident, 4 people were injured, 25 of them seriously. It was stated that those with severe conditions were transported by helicopter to the regional hospital.

The accident occurred between the city of Pau and Bayonne, slowing high-speed regional train to anchor was recorded from behind. Transport Minister Frederic Cuvillier has also ordered an immediate investigation into the accident.

In the statement made by the Pyrenees-Atlantiques Governorship, it was stated that there were 178 passengers on the high-speed train that made the Tarbes-Paris expedition and 60 passengers on the regional train.

It was reported that train services to Bayonne, Tarbes, Toulouse and Bordeaux were delayed significantly after the accident.




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