New Feeding Lines to Kestel and Gürsu

New Supply Lines to Kestel and Gürsu: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality's transportation company BURULAŞ brought Kestel and Gürsu together with Bursaray to the farthest point.

Burulaş, which provides high quality transportation services to Bursa residents with rail systems and wide bus network in the urban transportation field in Bursa, brought Bursaray to the passengers of Kestel and Gürsu with its new supply lines. The D / 11 line, which was put into service, started its flights between Bursaray Kestel Station and Kestel Göçmen Konutları (Pazaryeri), and the D / 12 line between Bursaray Gürsu Station and Şehit Cengiz Topel Street.

According to the first planning, the vehicles from Kestel Göçmen Houses are on weekdays (Monday-Saturday) 20 minutes, Bursaray Kestel Station vehicles on weekdays (Monday-Saturday) 18 minutes, weekend (Sunday), both directions from 30 minutes frequency, Gürsu Şehit Vehicles starting from Cengiz Topel Street on weekdays (Monday-Saturday) 20 minutes, vehicles from Bursaray Gursu Station 18 minutes, weekend (Sunday) vehicles running both directions are running at 30 minute frequency.

According to the demands of the passengers, the officials stated that the flights will continue to become more frequent, and it was emphasized that the passengers coming from Bursaray will benefit from the transfer discount free of charge due to the transfer discount, with a full 16 TL, discounted 1 TL for boarding these lines with BursaKart.

Turkey's winner of the young transport fleet BURULAŞ service quality General Manager pointing BURULAŞ that increases with each passing day Levent Fidansoy, population growth rate of fairly by public transport is the only solution in Bursa is high, while directing passengers to public transport but quality service provision stating did. Fidansoy stated that with the comfortable fleet of BURULAŞ, Kestel and Gürsu passengers who reach Bursaray Station will also benefit from the transfer discounts and reach any point they want faster, and they continue to work to provide better quality transportation service to passengers.

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 17:57

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