Lift lift to all metrobus stops for the disabled

For disabled people, all metrobus stops should be lifted: Every day we see everywhere, unfortunately, the disadvantage of our disabled brothers in the streets. We may inadvertently testify, but maybe we don't have anything other than an instant help. We must take a step for them and make some attempts to make their lives easier.

"A spark can set fire"! This phrase actually reflects the importance of gathering around the same idea, unity and solidarity. Because life is very difficult for them. They may not be able to step on the ground freely like us, but at least I think a step needs to be taken for them to be a little more comfortable on the streets and in public transportation. And maybe it is possible to achieve our goal with the signature support you will give and prove together that good things can still be done in this world.

I'm sure you'il all be very sensitive about this. Stubbornness of the wheelchair, all metrobus stops to lift the elevator. They won't get any harder for them because of the four wheels they've been convicted of.

Let's not forget that "A journey of thousands of kilometers starts with a single step" ...

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Günceleme: 09/12/2018 18:13

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