City Square-Terminal tram line criticism from Aydın

City Square-Terminal tram line criticism from Aydın: MHP Bursa Osmangazi Municipal Council Member and Group SözcüCemil Aydin, said in a statement, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality by the city square to connect the terminal between the project that is designed to connect the T2 tram line was contracted with the contract winner of the contract.

"T2 tram line planned between City Square and Terminal and whose construction contract has been signed today was not discussed sufficiently by the dynamics of the city on the agenda of Bursa, and it was brought to an end with the logic of" I did it, it was done "without discussing it in the Osmangazi Municipal Council, where the project will take place. The preservation of green and trees on the current route, which is more comfortable in terms of traffic than the existing main arteries, the implementation of the metrobus, the possibility of the light rail system or the negative aspects of the Bursa public opinion, despite the negative appearance of the T1 Tram line, especially the speed and locking the traffic of the region. Insisting on the T2 tram line will not bring a solution to our city's transportation problem.

We believe that the Transport Master Plan, which was built by 1990 at the beginning of the years, but which has so far been divorced from its core, will be useful in terms of the social, economic and cultural conditions of the city. Light rail and BRT options should be discussed again and the T2 tramway project should be reviewed.
In the meantime, Osmangazi Municipality and Council should easily express their positive or negative views regarding this project, which is intended to be implemented in their own districts, without any reservations and pressure. "



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