The problem of the tram is its route and environmental insensitivity

The problem of the tram is the insensitivity to the route and the environment: cutting down or moving the trees on the ramway route is not acceptable.

Halil İbrahim Alpaslan, Head of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Architects, and the board of directors, Konak and the ongoing construction of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Karşıyaka trams and Coastal Design projects professional associations and scientific organizations without taking into account the views and suggestions, he argued carelessly.

The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's tram and coastal design projects received harsh criticism from the Chamber of Architects. Branch President Halil İbrahim Alpaslan said that the Metropolitan Municipality's implementation of the tram option in the city center is a positive step, but the process of this project, which is of great importance for Izmir and is high in cost, unfortunately, is far from participatory management understanding, the views and opinions of the city dwellers, relevant professional chambers and scientific institutions. He pointed out that the suggestions are being continued off. Stating that the tram project has recently raised serious doubts and concerns about the rational, public interest and environmentally sensitive nature of the tram project, Alpaslan said that the project has two main problems, namely the lack of itinerary and environmental insensitivity.

Home Karşıyaka Stating that the passenger demand is not intense in both the important parts of the routes in Konak and that the tram continues from the coastline with an alternative sea transportation, he doubts that the tram will provide the intended relief in traffic, and said, “The view that many experts agree not to have a parallel line on the coast in İzmir, It is necessary. Public transportation in the coastal area should be met by sea transportation, which can still be used well below contemporary standards, although it is tried to be improved. Another problem is that the route is still not clear.

With a recent change, the line that was planned to reach Cumhuriyet Square from Şehit Nevres Boulevard was transferred to Gazi Boulevard. These types of revisions lead to serious doubts that the project was created with adequate preliminary work. Most importantly, cutting down or moving trees on the tram route is not acceptable. While efforts must be made to increase the limited green areas in the city center, cutting or moving existing adult trees will lead to a decrease in the quality of urban spaces. This society, who resists the trees in Gezi Park at the expense of their lives, should not be dared to say 'we carried your trees' anymore. In this context, it should be explained from where, how many trees have been cut down, how many trees have been moved, what the current status of the transported trees are, and whether there is a tree cutting or transportation in the process ”.


Alpaslan, who also criticized the Coastal Design project, said that it is not possible to claim that it is the priority of the city to develop such costly and recreational projects on the coastline, which is in a very good condition compared to the inner parts. Alpaslan said, “Prioritizing projects such as building green pedestrian overpasses on the coastline and changing pavers is a strategy that should be discussed rather than directing the same design effort and financial resources to the inner regions of the city that need design and quality spaces. Especially in Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, the necessary reports were prepared, the plans were approved, the environmental impact was not evaluated, and many trees were destroyed, unfortunately, the environmental insensitivity is not an exception limited to the tram project, but an attitude settled in the municipality.

Stating that they expect the local government mechanism, which claims that our city, which deserves a democratic and participatory local administration, adopts social democratic municipalism, to carry out such critical projects that are closely related to the city and the city dwellers, Alpaslan said, “A We would like to emphasize that nobody in this city will tolerate the alternative being made carelessly without sufficient information, taking into account the opinions and suggestions of professional and scientific institutions, and transferring resources to the shore while the inner parts of the city are in urgent need for infrastructure and qualified space ”.

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 17:17

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