The dog who took refuge in the bus in cold weather warmed the passengers inside

In the cold weather, the bus warmed the inside of the passengers
In the cold weather, the bus warmed the inside of the passengers

The dog, who took refuge in the bus in the cold weather, warmed us. The dog, who lost his owner in Antalya and was cold in the cold weather, took refuge in the 07 AU 0180 plate public bus, which made a trip between the Varsak-Faculty line. The driver Taner Özgün, who hosted his cute dog on the bus for 1.5 hours, delivered it to the staff of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Derelict Animal Temporary Care House in hopes of having his owner.

In Antalya, where cold days were experienced, an event happened to make them smile. A dog who took refuge in the public bus took a tour of Antalya to protect from the cold. The incident occurred in the private public bus numbered VF01, which made the Varsak-Faculty journey. Bus Driver Taner Özgün ran a dog while taking a passenger at the 100. Yıl stop and got on the bus. Bus driver Taner Özgün did not drop the dog that he thought he got on the bus to escape from the ice-cold air outside.


The dog, who was sympathetic with his humane approach and cute movements, traveled with the passengers in the hot bus. The conscience of Özgün, who is also an animal lover, did not allow to leave the dog, who has a collar, and that it seems to have possessed his actions, on the street again. He stayed in his bus until about 1.5 hours. The driver delivered the guest dog to the staff of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Unattended Animal Temporary Care House in hopes of reuniting its owner.


Stating that the dog was well-behaved during the journey and followed every command, 07 AU 0180 private public bus driver Taner Özgün, who spoke about the incident, said: “I work on the line VF01, which runs between Varsak and the university hospital. At 13.10 am, our lovely friend jumped on the bus at the bus stop on 100. Yıl Avenue. I thought it was cold. I understood that he was an animal with a collar on his neck and carrying out every command spoken. He was very cute and humane. I asked one of the passengers to keep it with him. He got off the bus at the stop of the Faculty of Medicine. We caught it in order not to get lost and put it on the bus. I called the Metropolitan Municipality Animal Ambulance in the hope that the owner may be found. After having been on the bus for about 1.5 hours, I handed it over to the officers at the last stop in Varsak. My conscience did not allow him to leave him on the street all alone. I hope the owner will come out as soon as possible. ”


The Veterinary Care House veterinarian, affiliated with the Directorate of Animal Health Branch of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, who received the dog, was reported that the dog was a Golden breed female dog about one and a half years old and there was no problem in health. The dog, which is thought to be owned, is waiting for its owner in the Metropolitan Municipality Stray Animal Temporary Care House.

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