Kecioren metro construction

Keçiören metro construction: Republican People's Party (CHP) Ankara Deputy Murat Emir said, “Batıkent-Kızılay metro, which has been operating for years due to the Keçiören metro that has not been completed for 13 years, has also become problematic. Ulus, Sıhhiye and Kızılay, coming from Sincan and Batıkent routes; Our citizens who will go to AŞTİ or Dikimevi route from there are now forced to get off in Akköprü ”.

At a press conference held at Akköprü metro station, Emir claimed that there were problems between the main metro lines of Ankara, Batıkent-Kızılay, due to the Keçiören metro under construction. Emir said:

”While Akköprü metro station is one of the 28 stations of Batıkent-Kızılay metro line since 1997 December 12, it is now the last stop for passengers arriving by Batıkent since 16 April 2016. The Atatürk Cultural Center station on this line is also the last stop for the passengers coming from the Red Crescent. ”

Defending that the travel time between Batıkent and Kızılay is extended due to the construction of Keçiören metro, Emir reminded that there are explanations that these works will take two months.

Emir said:

“Our citizens who come from Sincan and Batıkent routes and go to Ulus, Sıhhıye and Kızılay from there to AŞTİ or Dikimevi route are now obliged to get off here. Our citizens are transported from here to the other station, the Atatürk Cultural Center, either by foot or by the buses the municipality holds as a ring vehicle. While the system is functioning properly, there are no crowded exits at any stop due to the different stops they get on, our citizens are exiting at the same time and they have to walk to the ring vehicles that have vehicle traffic. The most important problem is to reach the stops that you want to reach, both in a tight trip and in more than twice the time. The journey between Batıkent and Kızılay is now up to an hour. ”

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