Minister Arslan, made investigations in Ankara YHT Station

Minister Arslan made examinations at Ankara YHT Station: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station was the first station built with the 'build-operate-transfer' model, and that the station that will be completed and put into operation on October 29, President Erdoğan and He said that he will be put into service with the participation of Prime Minister Yıldırım.
Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, made inspections at Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station. Explaining to Garda press members, Minister Arslan said, “If you are carrying so many people with high-speed trains, this had to be crowned in Ankara. It's our center in Ankara should need capital to our country as well as the Republic of Turkey was supposed to be crowned with a station worthy of the point where the State Railways. As the Ministry of Transport, this is what we do as TCDD. We are at YHT Station built with the first build-operate-transfer model of our country. Its construction has been going on for about 2 years. I would like to thank all my colleagues from TCDD General Manager, especially for our company, since they have completed a speed that is so fast, modern and so high technology and really befitting Ankara in 2 years, while there is traffic everywhere. ”
Minister Arslan said, “This station is a brand that will add value to the value of Ankara's brand city capital” and continued his speech as follows:
“As functions that it will perform as a concept as a function. The building we are in is a concept with a closed area of ​​approximately 194 thousand 460 square meters. There are 3 basements. It has a closed and open car park where 910 vehicles can park. The parking lot is open for 60 thousand thousand and 850 for the open part. We also have 3 platforms. These 3 platforms can serve 12 YHT sets at the same time. We have 6 railway lines including 3 departures and 3 arrivals. We will have platforms at -1. On the floor we are on, we have a floor where tolls can do their operations and meet their needs, especially when people arrive. We have a floor with shopping centers on it. On top of that, we have a floor where our guests who come to this garage can meet their eating and drinking needs. In addition, we have a modern 134-star hotel with 5 rooms. We will not only see people's need to stay. If meetings are to be held here, if there are meetings in many rooms at the same time, our hotel has meeting rooms designed in accordance with this concept. The largest room has a concept where conferences can be held and meetings can be held for up to 400 people at the same time. There will be commercial offices. In this facility, first aid and security will all be inevitable. ”
“When we started this facility 2 years ago, the company in charge started because it was the first station we built with the build-operate-transfer model, and the commissioned company will finish it on October 29 and put it into operation,” said Arslan. TCDD will hand over at the end of the operation. TCDD, the owner of the venue, is TCDD, which will generate revenue from the business at the end of the period. While building such a magnificent building, connecting it to the YHT lines, of course it had to be integrated with the rail systems in Ankara. This station will be integrated with Ankara with the capital rail and Keçiören subway, so that it will serve not only to YHT but also to our friends who will travel by rail transport in the city. Hopefully when we opened it on October 19, 7, the architects of this work were our prime ministers at the beginning of the process, especially our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Our Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım was our minister of the architects of the processes. They will honor us. While bringing a new big project to our country, of course, we will realize it with their honor and their patronage. On October 29, we will present such a beautiful facility with the auspicious hands of our people to the service of our capital but 2016 million. örüldük network by the iron everywhere with Turkey, based in Ankara will be able to use this station as they come. From here, able to go anywhere in Turkey. As we weave our country with high-speed train networks, we will be able to travel with YHT outside our country so that our people can benefit from them. Halkalı By making Kapıkule, we will be able to go to Europe. We put Baku Tbilisi Kars into service at the beginning of 2017. We will be able to go to Central Asia through Baku Tbilisi Kars. We will be able to go to Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan. Our people can travel to Asia or Europe from this center. ”
Noting that they have never touched the historical station texture in Ankara while doing these YHTs, Minister Arslan said, “It will serve suburban trains in the sense of inter-city transportation, and it will continue to serve conventional trains and passenger trains in terms of intercity freight. As it can pass through both the underpass and the overpass from our current station, the main entrance will be through Celal Bayar Boulevard. We will be able to host all our guests coming from Celal Bayar Boulevard here. This concept is able to serve not only to the guests who will travel by train like the ones in the world, but also to Ankara residents because this place also includes the concept in a hotel center in the commercial offices center in the shopping center ”.

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