Monday Syndrome in Batıkent-Red Crescent

Monday Syndrome in Batıkent-Kızılay Metro: For the connection between Keçiören Metro and Batıkent-Kızılay, 2 will last for a month. A common interpretation of the citizens going between Akköprü and AKM stations was the için loss of time Ak.

The transfer application, which started on Saturday due to the connection work of Keçiören-Kızılay metro line, which will last for 2 months on Saturday, turned into Bat Monday syndrome metro on the first working day of the week. Passengers coming from the direction of Sincan and Batıkent were taken to the next AKM station by taking the bus to Akköprü. Akköprü and AKM stations, the intensity of the weekend was observed to increase even more, many people reacted to the situation by stating that they were late for work. Many people who were still unaware of the regulation were seen to follow the guidance of the officers with surprise. EGO officials in the stations and on the transfer route, while informing the citizens, security measures to increase the police teams also guarded the route. Due to the transfer application, the officers at the lower crossing of the Akköprü Crossroad managed the traffic lights manually by crossing the traffic lights. Pedestrian traffic generated by the application also affected vehicle traffic. The common interpretation of the passengers was “loss of time Ak.


The number of buses was frequent and frequent flights were easy for the passengers. Batıkent metro station, the number of stairs in the Akköprü little number of people who want to go to the station at a time to go up to the station had a hard time. Carrying the 6 wagon in the Batıkent subway transfer of the AKM to Koru subway in the three wagons in the AKM station also caused the crowd. Security guards directed passengers to other wagons and tried to produce solutions.

Now with my car

Stating that he got on from Batıkent, Kemal E. complained that he was late for work on his way to Kızılay from AKM and said, “I went from Batıkent to Kızılay by metro every day for half an hour and I am still on the road. It is nothing but a waste of time. It would be better for them to do this job in a way that least affects the citizen. I got on from Batıkent and experienced this. "I think it would make more sense to drive now," he said.


Burcu Şahin, who said that he went to Çayyolu because of his job, said: şöyle I was surprised to see the intensity when I went out for the weekend shopping. It's time-consuming to transfer away. Many people like me have to endure because the only alternative is to go from Demetevler to Çayyolu subway. I don't have a private car. I get on the ring bus after landing, and this is a separate torment. Hopefully, 2 ends for months. May Allah help those without alternatives. Alternatif


Seyfettin Oğuz argued that the transfer application in Akköprü would cause an increase in vehicle traffic. Here is a separate ordeal for the elderly and patients to go to the Red Crescent by doing in thousand. If we are being put on the bus to the Red Crescent instead of downloading in AKM. Because of this application, everyone will be in traffic with their cars. The effect of transportation is versatile. We look forward to the end. Bit


The intensity of the most experienced tradesmen, who sell water and bagels at the point where the buses are located. Early arrivals in the region indicating that a peddler, "Crowd most delights me," he said.



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