Are the vibrations in Marmaray putting the palace and walls in danger?

Are the vibrations in Marmaray endangering the palace and the walls: Experts warn after the demolition of the wall in Gülhane

The collapse of the wall with a tea garden in Istanbul Gülhane Park and the loss of 2 people turned the eyes to centuries old artifacts in the Historic Peninsula. Experts stated that many historical monuments in the region are in danger of destruction. It has been suggested that vibrations in Marmaray and metro, a small earthquake and natural factors (flood, wind) can damage many works. Among these are the city walls and historical monuments including Topkapı Palace. Here are the important evaluations about the historical walls and the Topkapı Palace located at the tip of the walls.

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Ciddi The collapse of the wall at GÜLHANE Park shows that there is a serious lack of care in that area. The kitchens and exterior walls of Topkapi Palace are also in danger. The monuments board does not regularly restore these structures. Walls are in danger. 1200 annual stones are stuck and hardened. The walls were laid out on the exterior facades restored. In the first slight shake, the historic walls will be destroyed. An institute that supervises and repairs historical structures consisting of NGOs, technical teams and academics should be established. The task of this institute should be to control, restore and protect only the historical buildings. Otherwise, many of our historical works will be lost. Imiz

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Altında The entire peninsula is in danger. These structures are under threat unless they are regularly inspected and maintained. In an area of ​​historical buildings, the city's traffic should not pass through that area. Every vibration in that area will damage the artifacts. The walls are very solid. But it can be destroyed in the earthquake. Italy is an example of this. They do not enter a motor vehicle in the area of ​​historical buildings and protect them like their eyes. Tarihi

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Or Historical Peninsula Marmaray is under constant vibration with metro and tram. Historic buildings are in danger. These structures should be checked regularly by authorized institutions and organizations, maintenance and restoration should be provided. Otherwise, we may encounter demolitions like Gülhane Park. Aksi

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Ği In the event of not being regularly inspected, there may be undesirable conditions from use, external factors (vibration, vibration, wind). The destroyed wall may have been affected by Marmaray. There is a chance that the swelling that has accumulated as a result of rains or natural conditions can cause destruction. Yağmur

2 people died under the wall that collapsed in Gülhane.

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