Refrigerated Train Proposal from CHP's Pekşen between Samsun and Şanlıurfa

CHP fellowship from Samsun-Şanlıurfa to Frigorific Train Proposal: Republican People's Party (CHP) Trabzon Deputy Haluk Pekşen proposed to establish a 'frigorific train' between Samsun and Şanlıurfa.

CHP Trabzon Deputy Haluk Pekşen held a meeting in his party's provincial presidency building in Samsun. The situation in Turkey in recent Pekşen meeting and made statements about economic projects.

Emphasizing that there should be a fast train route between Şanlıurfa and Samsun, Pekşen said, “The only logistics turnover we envisaged in 1996 in our study for the states of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Romania and Bulgaria and Samsun was 87 billion euros. We will do the right project by leaning on real foundations. There is not much work to be done for logistics. The project needs to be completed and logistics bases set up in Samsun. Şanlıurfa's second leg should be connected to Samsun. To Russia, Brazil sells canned foods of $ 2 billion annually. We lost this market. But when we manage to load the tomatoes produced in Harran in Urfa together with the refrigerated train there at Samsun Harbor around 50 o'clock, make sure we put tomatoes in the morning of 11 million in Russia. This is a terrific budget for Turkey. The costs of these refrigerated trains are not that expensive. These are vision projects. These are projects whose feet are on the ground. There are great minds in our party that will accomplish these projects. These projects must carry on Turkey's agenda, "he said.

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