Samsun Akdağ Ski Center Is Increasing Interest

Samsun Akdağ Ski Center is Increasing Interest: Mayor of Ladik Selim Özbalcı said that Akdağ Ski Center is on the way to becoming an important ski resort.

Samsun Ladik Mayor Selim Özbalcı met with the students of Ladik Akdağ Ski Club in Akdağ Ski Center and skied with the students.

Özbalcı said, “We are trying to encourage children who are our future to sports. We aim not to leave children who do not know how to ski in Ladik, which has become a center for winter sports. For a healthy future, children should be given sports awareness. ”

President Özbalcı said, “Akdag is improving day by day and our sports facilities are increasing. Akdag Ski Center is on its way to becoming an important ski resort. We will do our best to improve the ski sport. Hopefully, we will raise the skiers of the future in our ski club ”.

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