Erciyes Will Give Power to the Athletes

Erciyes Will Strengthen Athletes: Erciyes reportedly will begin the construction of sports grounds, halls and training grounds where athletes can camp.

Erciyes Turkey's most important ski centers, sports arenas, athletes will be able to camp, the construction of halls and training areas were reported to begin this year.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik stated that in the 300m-euro Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center Project, public and private sector investments exceeded 150m-euro and the infrastructure was significantly completed.

Pointing out that Erciyes is working not only for the winter period but also for 12 months, Çelik stated that one of the most important legs of this study will be sports camp centers.

Stating that they have developed projects to make Erciyes the world's camp center, Çelik said:

“We are building a camp center in the area between Hacılar and Hisarcık Gate at an altitude of 2. In the first stage, we will build 200 football fields and gyms. Sports teams from all over the world will be able to come to Erciyes and camp. We will allow teams from all branches, not just football, to camp in Erciyes. The benefits of high-altitude camps in terms of athlete health have been proven. We will put this opportunity at the disposal of our athletes. With the camp in Erciyes, our athletes will be able to prepare better and participate in the competitions even stronger. Extra power of Erciyes to all athletes kazanWe believe he will.”

Noting that sports teams from many branches camped in Erciyes during the summer and winter periods of previous years, Çelik emphasized that they would make this more comprehensive and systematic, and that they would make efforts to make Mount Erciyes an international camp center.

Çelik stated that Erciyes is the gate of Kayseri opening to the world and this feature will reach larger dimensions with the camp center, and that different segments will recognize Erciyes and Kayseri.

Citing the transportation advantage of Erciyes Ski Center, Çelik said, “It is 20 minutes to reach the mountain from the airport. a citizen of Turkey in the most distant point, our athletes or our kayakseveri Erciyes reached within 2 hours of going on board the plane when the city is located. In terms of this feature, Erciyes becomes a center of attraction. ”
- “Erciyes will be the second Davos”

Stating that they do not think of Erciyes as just a touristic or Palandöken, just like in Uludağ, they consider it as a multi-faceted complex, and that they are planning a huge convention center between the plans of this year.

Stating that when the congress center is over, both the academy, the business world and the diplomacy circle can carry out international wide participation projects in Erciyes, he continued as follows:

“Erciyes will be the second Davos of the world with its congress and camp centers. We strive for this. We care about private sector investments as much as public investments. We continue our investments in cooperation with both the municipality and the private sector. We prepare the necessary infrastructure. The investor is also investing in everything smoothly and supporting us in the giant project. These projects will be completed Turkey's Erciyes we have become a peerless center. These are the works that excite us. ”

Steel, also called the hotel zone will create an activity center in the area and the winter or summer mountain bored citizens of the environment can spend time here, so that they can extend the length of stay, he added.

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