Izmir Metro's New Wagons Arrive in October (Photo Gallery)

New Wagons of the Izmir Metro Coming in October: The production of 95 new wagons to be used in the Izmir Metro continues at full speed at the facilities of CRRC Tangshan in China. The first batch of 15 cars will be delivered in October.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, on the one hand, continues to make investments in order to expand the network of rail network in the city, while on the other hand it continues to purchase new train sets that will allow more passengers to travel more comfortably. For the 95 train set consisting of 19 wagons, the Metropolitan Municipality, which signed a contract with the Chinese CRRC Tangshan company, closely follows all stages of its manufacturing activities. The wagons, whose body and chassis have been installed in the company's facilities in China, are subjected to static tests during the security phase. The production of the wagons passing through the tests is continuing.
263 million pounds giant investment
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 95 metro car for the last year Chinese CRRC Tangshan company signed a contract with 79.8 million Euros. 15 is the first batch of trains to be produced in October 2016, the second party consisting of 30 cars will be delivered in February 2017, and the last batch of 50 cars will be delivered in May 2017.