Call to People in Izmir at Risk Groups: 'Don't Use Public Transportation'

Do not use Izmir public transportation vehicles in risk groups.
Do not use Izmir public transportation vehicles in risk groups.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyermade a call to the citizens of Izmir, who are in the risk groups determined by the Ministry of Health, especially citizens aged 65 and over, "Do not use public transportation unless it is very necessary."

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor against the corona virus Tunç Soyer gave an important warning. Emphasizing that public transportation vehicles are among the most important risk areas, like other public channels, although they are constantly disinfected, Soyer said, “As our Ministry of Health especially emphasizes, especially our citizens aged 65 and over, pregnant women, mothers on legal breastfeeding leave, those with immune problems, cancer patients. those who are treated, those who have had an organ transplant, those who have chronic respiratory tract, cardiovascular, obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases; Until the threat posed by the virus is completely eliminated, I strongly request that they do not use public transportation unless it is very necessary and especially in the morning and evening hours when the density is high.”

Events postponed

With the holidays of schools throughout the country, playing sports matches without spectators, canceling cultural arts events and similar organizations, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality decided to postpone all the organizations where many people came together.

Reminding that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Branch teams constantly disinfect public transportation vehicles, stations, stations, schools, parks and places of worship within the framework of new types of corona virus measures that threaten public health, Mayor Soyer said, “There are also individual measures we need to take. In addition to personal cleaning, we need to stay away from crowded and closed areas where contact is intense ”.

Günceleme: 15/03/2020 12:06

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