Babaoğlu, Konya Metro As Promised

Babaoglu, Konya Metro promised to be made as promised. AK Party Konya deputy Mehmet Babaoglu, spoke about the subway project. Babaoglu, "we have promised, we will," he said. Dr. Selman Selim Akyüz, who met with Mehmet Babaoğlu in the Parliament, discussed the situation of Konya projects. [more…]


A remarkable change in TCDD positions

Remarkable change in TCDD staff. According to the decree issued by the General Directorate of CDDD, the organization was given 350 engineer staff. 10 January In the Official Gazette of 2016, the positions assigned to the 8 SEE were changed. The most remarkable one is TCDD [more…]

16 Bursa

Tolls cannot be found at the ticket offices.

The toll booths are closed and there are no single-use tickets available: the one-time tickets used in public transportation in Bursa are exhausted. BURULAŞ officials said that single-use tickets could not be available at the moment, and that they could be available again at the end of January. But [more…]