212 Morocco

Morocco Agreement with African Development Bank

Morocco agrees with the African Development Bank: According to the agreement signed with the African Development Bank on Moroccan Railways, 112,3 million dollars will be financed for use on Moroccan Railways. 27 Funds to be financed with the agreement signed in January 142 km Settat-Marrakech of Casablanca-Marrakech line [more…]

86 China

Hefei Subway Test Drives Start in China

Test Drive in Hefei Subway Started in China: Test drives in the first subway line of the city of Hefei in China began 20 in January. The tests are carried out in total with 45 personnel. The 9 units test of the trains is in motion, while the 27 pieces are done in static condition. [more…]

14 Bolu

Arkut Mountain Ski Resort

Review of the Holiday Mountain Ski Center Arkut semester: Arkut Mountain, which is one of the most important winter tourism centers of Turkey Ski Center was the focus of attention of vacationers. 170 bed capacity in Esentepe with a ski resort [more…]

25 Erzurum

New olympic excitement in Erzurum

Erzurum olympic excitement: DÜNYA Inter-university winter games with glowing Erzurum, 2017 year is preparing to host the European Youth Winter Olympics. For this reason, the city is declared to be mobilization infrastructure and urban transformation [more…]

34 Istanbul

Another Tube Passage Coming to Istanbul

Another Tube Passage is Coming to Istanbul: One More Passage to Istanbul Tube Passage Goes Underwater Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, started to work on Haliç-Unkapanı Highway Tunnel Transition Project, which he said would be esi My mastery work İstanbul. A to Istanbul [more…]

36 Kars

Tourism Assessment Meeting Held in Sarıkamış

Sarikamish Tourism Assessment Meeting was held in Sarikamis Teachers' House was held under the leadership of the Governor Yusuf Izzet Karaman winter tourism evaluation meeting was held. Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksoy, Gendarmerie Commander Captain Alper Akça, District Police Director Yaş Tugay Yalçın, Youth [more…]

25 Erzurum

Erzurum Metropolitanly Introduced Erzurum to National Media

Erzurum Metropolitan City, Erzurum Introduced to the National Media: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Sekmen invited the city to the media members, the city's historical and tourist beauty was fascinated. The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality in the written and visual national media [more…]

41 Kocaeli

Snow bike excitement on the cart

Snow bike excitement on snowboard: Snowbike in the world known as snow bikes in our country for the first time introduced the introduction of Kartepe Ski Center and course. Kartepe Ski Center for the first time in our country 'new name in the fun of the fun' to be promoted as [more…]


RayHaber 28.01.2016 Tender Bulletin

Aluminum body manufacturing workshop application project drawing service will be taken (TÜVASAŞ) Dismantling of Materials and Cables to be Performed Between Adana and Mersin Service will be taken Diameter 230 mm Round Steel will be purchased (TÜLOMSAŞ) Ballast will be purchased Noise curtain shall be built Scissor [more…]

34 Spain

Free subway to trans individuals

Free subway to trans people: in Madrid, the municipality has announced that transgender people can use the 38 times metro for free. Transgender individuals are on the subway with a new application launched after the murder of a transgender person in Madrid, the capital of Spain. [more…]