BTK will open new investment opportunities on Rail Silk Road

BTK railway will open up new investment opportunities on the Silk Road: specifies that a major revolution in Turkey's infrastructure investments Socar Turkey CEO Yavuz, said that now it should be crowned with the production moves.
Turkey entered a period of four years left unchecked. The industrialists' expectation from the Government is to implement structural reforms that have been delayed for a while. Socar Turkey CEO Kenan Yavuz draws attention to the importance of this period and "a revolution in Turkey has made significant investments in infrastructure, energy bridge and took strategic steps towards becoming a base ... Now it should be crowned with the production moves. The new package of reforms Turkey should focus on the production of intermediate goods. Turkey's subcontracting to, fasonlaş the reasons that we have to import Lobby to disrupt the trap set, "he says.
Turkey's highways, railways, airlines notes that major attacks made Yavuz and says: "Baku-Tbilisi-Kars when the railway in bits Marmaray and Istanbul Izmir Caspian transit corridor with the highway going past life. There will be new investment opportunities on the Silk Road, a great deal of logistical opportunities and a line from China to Brussels.



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